1. Conditions of Admission

AIRTAXI Virtual Airline pilot candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least sixteen (16) years of age;
  • Be a member of the AIRTAXI Virtual Airline Discord server (link at the bottom of the page);
  • Have at least 25 hours logged on any online network (IVAO, VATSIM, etc.);
  • Be the owner of one of the following aerial simulation software: FS9, FSX, P3D, XPlane, MSFS;
  • Successfully complete the entry assessment;
  • Have a valid and active email account;
  • Sign up for AIRTAXI Virtual Airline by providing true information;
  • Agree to follow and accept the AIRTAXI Virtual Airline Privacy Policy and Rules.

    AIRTAXI Staff reserves the right to admit/dismiss any candidate that they consider fit/not fit, even if he meets/does not meet the conditions above.

    2. Duties

    All AIRTAXI Virtual Airline pilots must fulfill the following duties:

    3. Immediate Account Termination

    AIRTAXI is a helping, friendly and forgiving Virtual Airline, but there are behaviours that will most likely result in immediate account termination, so we advise our pilots to take the following situations in consideration:

  • Disrespect for VA Members and Other VA’s
    We are here to help you enjoy your stay at AIRTAXI Virtual Airline, but we are aware that problems exist, so ask for our assistance or from other members to try and overcome these as a group. Members that are found insulting or denigrating other VA Members, be it ours or another VA in the Portuguese IVAO/VATSIM Division, will be warned and will possibly see their account terminated.

  • Disrespect for the Community
    We are all here to share this amazing hobby together, and when a member is flying online, he is representing AIRTAXI Virtual Airline. Avoid confrontations and unnecessary arguments, and follow the chain of command. These are our recommendations, as any members caught disrespecting, insulting or causing trouble in the networks and communities that we operate will be warned and will possibly see their account terminated.

  • Advertising other Communities/VA’s
    While AIRTAXI Virtual Airline is not an exclusive VA, and so everyone is free to fly for whoever they want, we treasure our identity and principles. We do not support or accept any form of advertising of other communities or VA’s, without explicit permission of a senior staff member. Anyone found breaking these principles will be warned and will possibly see their account terminated.

  • Cheating/Exploiting
    We have ZERO TOLERANCE for any members caught cheating/hacking/lying. This includes using external programs, lying about your age, reverse engineering our ACARS/Website to gain advantage,exploit, etc … Any member caught in these situations will most likely see their account terminated.

    AIRTAXI Virtual Airline wishes to never have to deal with conflicts or problems between our pilots or among other users (pilots or air traffic controllers of online simulation networks). However, if conflicts or problems occur they must be forwarded through the e-mail address, so that the Administration can consider the measures to be taken.

    (*) At any time, if a pilot does not successfully complete at least one flight in 11 (eleven) months, he / she will be warned and be placed in Inactive state.
    While in the Inactive state, the pilot can request his return to activity through the email address or through directly messaging a staff member.

    A pilot who is in the Inactive State that does not a sucessfully complete a flight within 30 days, will be removed from AIRTAXI Virtual Airline’s list of pilots, losing all flight hours, progress and position. In the event that you want to fly again for AIRTAXI Virtual Airline in the future, you must register again and start your career from scratch.

    Note: The founding pilots and / or those belonging to AIRTAXI staff, for the function they perform, enjoy a different status from other AIRTAXI pilots, so they are exempt from the obligation to keep their active account with regular flights.