Welcome to AIRTAXI Virtual Airline

AIRTAXI Virtual Airline was born from a group of friends who shared a passion for aviation and flight simulation. After choosing the name, concept, and the early development stages, on March 24, 2018 AIRTAXI Virtual Airline was officially inaugurated, with the celebration flight between Lisbon and Madeira Island.

AIRTAXI Virtual Airline that focuses its operations for all users of X-Plane 11, P3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We are official IVAO partners, and operate mainly on it's network. However, we welcome users that operate on the VATSIM network aswell.

Our rank structure

Rank Requirements
Chief Pilot Assigned to Staff
Senior Captain Instructor 2000 Hours
Captain Instructor 1000 Hours + Theory Exam + Practical Exam
Senior Captain 600 Hours
Captain 300 Hours + Theory Exam
Senior First Officer 150 Hours
First Officer 75 Hours
Second Officer 25 Hours
Cadet 0 Hours

Our Team

Francisco Gouveia [STAFF]
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
As the CEO & CFO, Francisco Gouveia "TAX1810" is responsible for the airline's entire operations. It is his responsibility to implement new decisions and initiatives, as well as to maintain the smooth operation of the airline with assistance from the rest of the staff. As acting CFO, he is responsible for analyzing and reviewing all financial data, preparing budgets and monitoring expenditures and costs.
João Caldas [STAFF]
Chief Technology Officer
As the CTO, João Caldas "TAX91JP" is responsible for the airline's technology infrastruture, developing and maintaining the existent structures. It is his responsibility to examine the short and long term needs of the airline, as well as leading all research and development.
João Costa [STAFF]
Chief Operations Officer
As the COO, João Costa "TAX73JC" is responsible for the airlines daily operations. It is his responsibility, with the assistance from the CEO & CFO, to maintain and create the procedures that all pilots in the airline follow, as well as update and manage its routes and fleet.
Ricardo Faria [STAFF]
Chief Design Officer
As the CDO, Ricardo Faria "TAX41S" is responsible for the airlines design and innovation aspects including logos, graphics and livery designs. It is his responsibility to maintain, update, inovate and manage the look of the airline, as well as create new marketing/advertising strategies to improve its reputation within the virtual aviation world.
Luis D'Oliveira [ADVISOR]
Event Advisor
As the Event Advisor, Luis D'Oliveira "TAX72LD" is responsible for all events created by the airline. It is his responsibility to plan, prepare and announce them, while working close together with the staff, gathering feedback from the rest of the members of the airline.